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Case Description

As of 2017, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that over 1-million BMW vehicles are subject to recall due to defective and potentially deadly airbags manufactured by the Takata Corporation, which have already claimed several lives and resulted in hundreds of serious injuries. This is a direct consequence of the nationwide BMW Takata Airbag Recall, which so far, along with the recalls of several other auto manufacturers, affects approximately 42-million vehicles, making it the largest recall in U.S history. It is estimated that the number of vehicles affected will jump to approximately 90-million vehicle’s by the year 2020!

The BMW airbags that are being recalled are due to Takata’s unsafe use of ammonium nitrate, a propellant commonly used in explosive devices which, after exposure to moisture in areas with high heat, can destabilize over time and explode, sending metal shrapnel into the vehicle (even in minor accidents). Coupled with a defective design in the metal housing chamber, this creates a very serious safety issue that can result in blindness, wounds, lacerations, disfigurement, and even death.

Although the airbags are dangerous, replacing the Takata airbags in BMW vehicles will be difficult to accomplish in a timely manner due to the millions of other vehicles also subject to the Takata airbag recall, including the 230,000 vehicles BMW recalled in February 2017. Even worse, when the repairs first began, some BMW vehicles only received an “interim remedy,” in which the recalled airbag device was replaced with the exact same defective components, the only difference being a “fresher” ammonium nitrate. Although this does “temporarily” decreases the likelihood of a deadly explosion, BMW will again need to recall these airbags as they will ultimately be just as dangerous as the ones they replaced. As such, the NHTSA has already ordered that Takata phase out the use of their defective airbags by 2020, and has announced that BMW and any other manufacturers performing an interim remedy, will need to replace these temporary fixes before their vehicles are actually safe to drive.

BMW has since worked with Takata and other suppliers to design a final remedy; whereas some vehicles will receive airbag inflators using a new propellant, most vehicles will continue to have Takata inflators containing ammonium nitrate along with a cautionary desiccant that absorbs moisture in the system. Desiccants, however, can only hold a limited amount of water, and testing is underway to see if they can even be considered a permanent remedy. If Takata fails to prove that ammonium nitrate with desiccant can furnish safe and secure airbags, then tens of millions of vehicles will be recalled once again.

The following is a list of BMW vehicles that are likely to have a Takata airbag installed:

  • 2008-2013 1 Series
  • 2000-2013 3 Series
  • 2001-2003 5 Series
  • 2011-2015 X1
  • 2007-2010 X3
  • 2001-2013 X5
  • 2008-2014 X6
  • 2010-2011 X6 Hybrid

Takata may not be the only company liable for installing the defective and deadly airbags. In fact, investigations are also underway to see whether BMW concealed awareness of the defect and if they should be held accountable for damages as well.

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If you have a Takata airbag installed in your BMW vehicle, or if you believe you or a loved one has been injured by a Takata airbag explosion, you may be entitled to financial compensation and should give us a call immediately at (888) 536-6628 , or fill out the Takata Air Bag Case Review Form, and one of our experienced attorneys will help you understand what monetary compensation you may be entitled to.

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