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Class action lawsuits are a way for average consumers to unite and keep companies accountable for wrongdoing. The results of class action suits not only lead to rewards for those consumers involved, but they also force big businesses to curb harmful or negligent practices, in order to create a healthier and more transparent relationship between consumers and companies.

A class action claim begins when a single consumer is somehow cheated by a company, and then acquires a consumer protection attorney to take legal steps towards a remedy. However, when a company has wronged one consumer, it’s highly likely that other consumers have suffered in the same way. When those consumers join together in the same legal pursuit against a company, they form a “class.” Together this class of consumers files a suit against a company to seek damages and to prevent further misconduct or harm.

A consumer protection lawyer is the advocate that represents a class during a lawsuit. Our attorneys fight for the consumers, are knowledgeable guides through the details of consumer protection law, and make strong allies during the process of a class action lawsuit. The Law Offices of Robert Mobasseri represents California consumers in all matters of consumer fraud, including vehicle fraud and lemon law. Our 99% success rate guarantees your case will receive the care and attention it deserves.

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What is a class action lawsuit?

In a class action lawsuit, the claims of many people are decided through a single case. Consumers who have been wronged by a company join forces under a single banner in pursuing legal action against the accused. This makes it easier for consumers to go up against large companies, so that each individual consumer doesn’t have to file or pay for a separate case. Class actions also increase the chances of a consumer with a smaller claim to recover damages by being grouped in a class. In a class action lawsuit, a plaintiff heads the group’s claim, then the ruling or settlement received applies to the group’s individuals as a whole. The class action suit’s plaintiff may also be compensated for the time spent bringing the suit and representing the class if the case is won. It’s possible that a consumer can be part of a class action suit and ultimately be rewarded damages, but not have to be actively involved throughout the lawsuit’s litigation.

What kinds of cases can be brought as class actions?

The Law Offices of Robert Mobasseri handle all types of consumer class actions. Generally, there are various types of class action lawsuits where a large group of people is wronged by the same conduct and can seek legal action:

Consumer Fraud

Consumer fraud can mean a few things. It can apply to misrepresentations of a product being sold, a seller not obeying purchase terms, not following contractual agreements, and inaccurate or deceptive advertising.

  • false advertising of a products or services
  • products or services that are dangerous or defective
  • hidden, misrepresented, or unjustified fees
  • warranty breaches
  • unsafe handling or security breaches of personal and/or financial information of consumers, like social security numbers, banking information, or any sensitive data that should be protected
  • any unfair, misleading, dishonest, or unlawful treatment of consumers
  • Breach of Warranty/Sale of Defective Merchandise/Product Warranties

    Our law offices have often taken cases involving failures to honor warranties. If the manufacturer or seller of an item does not follow the outlines of the warranty they provided to a consumer, then they are in violation of federal and California consumer law. A seller may also have violated the law if they attempted to sell a warranty for an additional fee, hiding the fact that the same warranty is included in the sale.

    Employee Rights

    The Law Offices of Robert Mobasseri defend the rights of workers under California’s Labor Code. Common violations of this code include: failures by employers to pay overtime, provide lunch and rest breaks, and/or provide timely pay.

    Product Liability

    Our offices also represent those that have been harmed by a product that proved to be improperly labeled, neglectfully designed, wrongly marketed, and/or dangerous.

    False Advertising

    If a seller or manufacturer entices a consumer to make a purchase based on certain information that’s ultimately untrue or was misrepresented, or if a seller withholds important information about a product, then the consumer may have been a victim of false advertising. Hidden fees, bait and switch advertising, deceptive marketing – all are forms of false advertising and are illegal.

    Unfair Business Practices

    Many companies defraud their costumers by charging hidden fees that are unfair, illegal, or dishonest. Those fees may appear small, but multiplies across an entire customer base, a company can collect a large sum of money through deceit.

    Real Estate Fraud

    Buying is a home is an involved process that requires a lot of paperwork and financial wrangling. Sometimes lenders, brokers, and developers take advantage of homebuyers through hidden fees or broken promises.


    Those within companies that are violating consumer protection laws sometimes come forward to repeat on the internal violations they’ve witnessed. When a whistleblower comes forward they protect countless consumers. There are special legal provisions in place to protect whistleblowers.

    There are many different types of class action lawsuits, but if you’ve been wronged by a company—due to misleading advertising, an unsafe product, or otherwise—you may be owed damages. To learn more about your legal options, contact on our consumer protection attorneys at (213) 282 – 2000. Or, submit a FREE online evaluation form through our website; one of our class action lawyers will review the details of your case and contact you personally to discuss your next steps.

    Advantages of a Class Action versus an Individual Claim

    Joining a class action suit instead of filing an individual claim works well for most consumers for a few reasons:

  • Chances are, if you’ve been wronged by a company, others have been wronged in the same or a similar way. Joining a class action with similarly affected consumers, under an organized banner, force big businesses to respond to the outcry and reform their harmful practices.
  • If you have a smaller claim, you have a greater chance of a payout if you join a larger class action suit. Rather than go through the process of filing an individual claim, and having to dedicate extended attention and resources to its pursuit, you can join an already existing class action claim and minimize your active involvement while maximizing your chance for an award of damages.
  • If you spearhead a class action claim, often times the judge presiding over your case will compensate you for the time you’ve dedicated to pursuing the class action suit. Sometimes these compensatory rewards can be thousands of dollars and make your dedication to a class action case worthwhile and financially viable.
  • Who We Are

    The Law Offices of Robert Mobasseri have represented multiple groups of consumers in class action lawsuits that have resulted successfully. Our attorneys have wide-ranging experience in auto fraud, consumer protection, lemon law, and real estate fraud, among other specialty areas. Our lawyers are at the top of their field and with our 99% success rate, we can guarantee that each case we take on is given the care and attention that it deserves.

    We litigate to the furthest extent of the law, ensuring our clients are properly awarded. In most cases, our attorneys collect no payment unless your case is won, in which case the losing party covers our fees. This makes retaining an attorney from our firm financially sensible and low risk to you as a client.

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