Is Trial Experience Really That Important In Choosing A Lemon Law Attorney?


Absolutely! While our firm strives to get you a quick and fair resolution, being trial lawyers means that you will be well represented if you are not properly compensated for your Car, Truck, SUV, Motorcycle, RV, Boat or Plane.

Many firms advertise that they handle cases like yours, but very few have actually taken a case to trial. The manufacturers know this, and often offer the attorney less for your vehicle than you are entitled to on. Many of these firms rely on volume and therefore your case likely will not get the attention it needs to be successful.

With manufacturers constantly trying to cut costs or simply keep their doors open, keeping their consumers safe and happy isn't always their top concern. Choosing a Lemon Law Attorney with Trial Experience is essential in making sure that the vehicle manufacturer knows you mean business and getting you the proper compensation that is due for your defective vehicle.

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535Xi $13,000.00
x5 $155,000.00
2009 Charger $58,000.00
2001 H1 $45,000.00
2007 F150 $410,000.00
2004 Suburban $36,000.00
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