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Engine Problems: What you can do

engine-problemsImagine this: You're cruising down the California coast, windows down, enjoying the sunshine. Suddenly, your car sputters, coughs, and stops completely.

Extended Warranties?

California's Lemon Law is a powerful tool for protecting car buyers from vehicles riddled with problems. But what about extended warranties? At Mobasseri Law, we specialize in Lemon Law cases, and we understand the confusion surrounding these add-on protections.

Don't Get Shocked by Electrical Problems

Electric Car Lemon LawImagine this: you're cruising down the California coast, windows down, enjoying the perfect day. Suddenly, your car sputters, the dashboard lights flicker, and everything darkens. Your dream drive turns into a roadside nightmare.

Is Your Tesla a Lemon? Common Problems You Shouldn't Ignore

Tesla vehicles are known for their sleek design and innovative technology. However, even cutting-edge cars can experience issues. If problems plague your Tesla and the warranty is nearing its end, you might wonder if you have a lemon on your hands.  

Buying Vehicles Online: Risks and Benefits

Risks Online PurchaseBuying vehicles online has become an increasingly popular option in the digital age. Some benefits that attract consumers include convenience, variety, and the ability to compare prices from the comfort of home.

Honda Recalls 250,000 Vehicles Due to Potential Fault

Honda Recalls 250,000 VehiclesIs your Honda among the affected models?

Honda has announced the recall of 250,000 vehicles worldwide due to a potential issue with the front wheel bearings.

The affected models are:

Porsche Taycan 2023: Fire Risk and Recall Notice

Porsche Taycan Fire RiskAre you an owner of a 2023 Porsche? If so, we recommend you carefully read this article. Porsche has issued a recall notice for specific 2023 models due to a potential fire risk.

2023 honda recalls and lawsuits

2023 Honda Recalls and Class Action Lawsuits

About the 2023 Honda Recalls and Lawsuits

The recent headlines surrounding Honda have been dominated by a series of recalls and class action lawsuits filed against the automaker. These issues involve concerns related to brake and rearview camera defects, electric power steering system malfunctions, and alleged variable timing control defects.

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