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The Lemon Law Advantage: On-Site Auto Research and Development Team

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Our attorneys recognize the importance of having an in-house Auto Research and Development team and the indispensable wealth of knowledge they bring to each unique case. Our Research and Development department is staffed with individuals who carefully review every aspect of your vehicle’s history alongside our attorneys, and provide insightful information that will strengthen your case against the dealer or manufacturer.

Each member of our auto R&D team brings a first-hand perspective to each case, considering their extensive background in the automobile industry. They have seen how manufacturers handle lemon law cases and know exactly which pieces of evidence our lemon law attorneys must request on your behalf. It is because of our highly-experienced auto R&D that we continue to win our client’s cases with over 99% success rate.

If the dealer can’t fix your vehicle, and you think you might have a lemon, then give us a call at 888-536-6628 or fill out our Lemon Law Case Evaluation Form right now, and our knowledgeable Auto Research and Development team will immediately start working with our attorneys to uncover your case, and determine what legal options are available to you! We offer free consultations and can tell you if you have a case right over the phone.

How Our Auto R&D Team Helps

The collective background of our R&D team members and expert witnesses ranges from direct involvement in automotive sales to working directly with the factory regarding ordering, production, and delivery of vehicles.

Members of our team also have experience handling all aspects of the Lemon Law Buy-Back process between a dealer and manufacturer, including our Research & Development director’s involvement with the redesign of a manufacturer’s most popular luxury sports car.

Everyone on our research and development team brings their own unique knowledge and expertise when compiling the facts of your lemon law case. The types of automotive professionals on staff have prior experience as:

  • Repair Tech
  • Service Department Manager
  • Luxury Sales
  • Sales Manager

In addition, we also have an attorney who was a former general counsel for a manufacturer.

Our firm’s joint knowledge of the automotive industry is one of our top advantages in successfully settling and litigating cases when necessary. We are confident we have the right team of attorneys and an intelligent R&D team to help you with your lemon law case.

We know cars. We understand how cars are designed, built, and how they are supposed to operate. Why is this important? Because a lemon law attorney must know how seemingly unrelated problems are caused by the same defect. Your attorney should be able to argue exactly how an alternator defect is linked to a battery problem or how washed piston edges can be caused by a piston ring problem.

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If you are driving a lemon vehicle and you need a dedicated team of attorneys with a strong R&D department to help you fight against the manufacturer, give us a call today – your consultation with our firm is FREE. Call 888-536-6628 or click here for your Free Vehicle Check.

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