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mustang mach-e problems

Ford Mustang Mach-E Problems

The first iterations of the Ford Mustang Mach-E are being distributed to customers, but unfortunately, Ford's new electric vehicles are already experiencing some problems.

Audi and VW Water Pump Issue

Audi and VW Water Pump Issue

Volkswagen Group of America is facing a class-action lawsuit for water pump problems with their vehicles. If you are an Audi or Volkswagen driver, you may have legal options under The Lemon Law.
ford mustang transmission problems

Ford Mustang Transmission Problems

Ford is one of the oldest and most widely renowned automakers in the country and internationally. Their Mustang and Mustang GT model alone are some of the most recognizable muscle cars on the road. Unfortunately, drivers have been experiencing some fairly serious Ford Mustang transmission problems, with their vehicles. 
acura mdx problems

Acura RDX and MDX Problems

Acura produces two of the most popular and highest-selling luxury-style, SUV crossover vehicles on the market, unfortunately, Acura owners and lessees have been running into MDX problems and issues with their RDX vehicles that have presented performance and/or safety concerns for their drivers. 
jeep transmission problems

Chrysler and Jeep Transmission Problems

Jeep and Chrysler vehicles with 9-speed automatic transmissions have been having problems. This has become a cause for a class-action lawsuit alleging the automaker's ZF 9HP 9-speed transmissions are defective, beyond repair, and furthermore that Chrysler rushed certain makes and models to the market for sale. 
filter defects in land rovers

Filter Defects in Land Rovers, Range Rovers, and Jaguars

Over the last several years, drivers have had numerous complaints about engine problems and DPF filter defects in Land Rovers, Range Rovers, and Jaguar Diesel Vehicles. If you have had engine stalling problems in your Land Rover, Range Rover, and Jaguar vehicle or have been experiencing sudden engine shutdowns that come without warning, our experienced Land Rover lemon law attorneys...
honda lemon law firm

Honda Lemon Law Firm

Honda is extending the warranty on some of its vehicles for up to 10 years or 150,000 miles. This particular extension only applies to 2016-2017 Honda Pilots, 2017 Honda Ridgelines, and 2018 Honda Odyssey models. These particular Honda vehicles are having problems with their malfunction indicator lights (MIL), when certain diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) are stored...
GM Lemon Law Firm

GM Lemon Law Firm

GM Lemon Law: Class-Action Lawsuit Against GM for Excessive Oil Consumption

There has been an emerging problem in a variety of GM vehicles. The issue concerns a high level of oil consumption with some of GM’s larger vehicles.

hyundai lemon law attorney

Hyundai Lemon Law Attorneys

If you have been having issues or engine problems with your Hyundai, you aren’t the only one. Hyundai recently issued a safety recall for nearly 130,000 vehicles. This recall addresses stalling engines, engine failure, and non-collision engine fires in several models, including the Hyundai Sonata, Santa Fe, and Veloster. Our Hyundai Lemon Law Attorneys have been helping our clients review their cases, and fight for recompensation and damages for their Hyundai vehicles.
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