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Lemon Law for Appliances in California

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Most people are familiar with the lemon law as it relates to defective or malfunctioning vehicles, but did you know that appliances are also covered under the federal Lemon Law? All new appliances for personal use are sold with a warranty that provides protections in case of defects. In California, appliance codes apply to microwaves, stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and air conditioners.

If you discover that your new appliance is malfunctioning and the manufacturer refuses to either replace or pay for the repair of the lemon appliance, our experienced lemon law attorneys are ready to help you. Call us at 888-536-6628 and request your Free Consultation today!

When is an Appliance considered a Lemon?

Once you discover that your appliance is not working in the guaranteed manner it was sold as, you should inform the manufacturer of the defect or malfunction immediately. All repairs should be made in a timely fashion and should not exceed a total of four repair attempts. If the defect is not fixed or the appliance is not replaced after four attempted repairs, your appliance may be deemed a lemon and you have rights.

Preparing for your Lemon Law Appliance case

Keep records of all interactions with the manufacturer, including repair orders that detail which parts were fixed or replaced, and any relevant names and dates. Ensure that the serial number on your appliance matches the number included in the warranty. This will help your attorney be better prepared for your lemon law appliance case.

Speak to one of our knowledgeable lemon law appliance attorneys today. Call us at 888-536-6628 or Live Chat with one of our Lemon Law specialists now. We are ready to help you get an appliance refund or replacement that you are entitled to.

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