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Lemon Law
Monetary Settlement
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Bentley does not have a dealership in Oregon, so the buyer purchased a Bentley Continental GTC from Rusnak in Pasadena, California and had the vehicle shipped to his address in Oregon. Shortly after receiving his Bentley, the buyer started experiencing problems with vehicle's airbags, seat belts and electrical system. As Bentley also did not have an authorized service center in the state of Oregon, the buyer was forced to bring the Bentley back to the Rusnak dealership in California for the warranty repairs.

After many unsuccessful repairs, it became clear to the buyer that his Bentley was a Lemon. The buyer was told several times that because he had shipped his Bentley to Oregon, the vehicle would not qualify to be repurchased under California Lemon Law and that unfortunately, he had no choice but to accept his situation.

After more than 8 repair attempts for the same defect resulting in more than 75 days in an authorized Bentley repair facility, the buyer was referred to the Law Offices of Robert Mobasseri. Through negotiations with Bentley, and without admission of liability or conceding any merit to the consumer's California lemon law claim, the manufacturer offered to reimburse the buyer for any inconvenience that he may have suffered with a good will payment of $95,000.

The buyer accepted Bentley's goodwill offer and chose no to pursue the manufacture in court.

Date Settled: 
May, 2010

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