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Frequently Asked Questions

The California Lemon Law covers the following leased or purchased vehicles: Automobiles, Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Vans, Motor Homes, Recreational Vehicles, RVs, Boats, Yachts, Motorcycles, All-Terrain Vehicles, ATVs Highline Vehicles, Private Planes, Small Planes and just about anything else that comes with a manufacturers warranty including Used and Certified Pre-owned Vehicles.

There are certain exclusions as well as stipulations within the California Lemon Law as to what criteria a vehicle must meet in order to qualify for either replacement or repurchase. Please don't hesitate to call our dedicated Lemon Law Firm at (888) 536-6628 to discuss whether your vehicle may be entitled replacement or repurchase under the Lemon Law in California.

If a dealer or manufacturer tries to discourage you from asserting your lemon law rights by telling you that the law only applies to cars and small trucks; do not listen to them and give our firm a call today. You may be entitled to immediate compensation for your defective vehicle.

Just because a repair record doesn't show that a service technician found the problem that you brought the vehicle in for, doesn't mean that the problem doesn't exist, or that your vehicle isn't a lemon. While the mechanic may have simply missed or overlooked the defect, sometimes a certain make or model may suffer from a known uniform problem that the dealership's service department does not yet officially recognize exists because manufacturer has yet to discover a "fix" or redesign for the vehicle's defect. Instead, the service writer may write "could not duplicate" or "vehicle operating as designed" and allow you to drive away with a potentially dangerous vehicle.

Each repair order for your vehicle often has multiple copies generated for different departments. While the consumer should always get a copy for their records, the "Customer's Copy" is usually only a summation of the complaint, and the what work was performed to the vehicle for concerns that were verified . In addition to the customer's copy is an internal "Hard Copy" that contains the mechanic's notes and observations for each repair that is not shared with the customer. The mechanic's notes may show considerably more than the customer's copy and as a Lemon law Trial Law Firm, we will not hesitate to subpoena these Hard Copies to see what concerns were discovered on your vehicle and what work was actually performed.

When a consumer buys or leases a New, Used or Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle that is sold with any portion of a manufacturer's warranty still covering that vehicle, and the vehicle has a defect or malfunction that substantially affects the vehicle's use, value or safety, then Lemon Law offers protection to the buyer by offering legal remedies to have the defective vehicle repurchased or replaced if the manufacturer or dealership cannot repair the vehicle's malfunction or defect within a reasonable number of repair attempts.

In addition to the California Lemon Law, consumer's have the additional protection of the Federal Lemon Law to ensure that their rights are protected against defective Lemon Vehicles.